Shannon is 23. She works in Chicago as a Publicity Associate for an international book distributor. She’s a Pisces, an INT/FJ, a staunch believer that a taco is a perfect meal, and puts the ‘wanna be’ in poet. Her natural state is anxious, but she’s working on it. Her thumbs are a nice, green color, and she sometimes reads tarot cards for fictional characters in Katie’s stories. She likes candles that smell like the woods, dark chocolate, Mary Oliver, too many bands to count, old gangster movies, walking around the city alone on a sunny day listening to Jay-Z, and making lists.

Shannon hopes Wide Hearts helps her understand herself. She hopes it helps her grow as a writer, friend, and human being. She hopes it helps her stretch her heart out wide enough to cover all the things and people she loves, and then maybe even a little wider than that.

Katie is a writer, 23, living in Nashville on an edge of road between urban sprawl and mercurial neighborhood.  She grew up in the middle-of-nowhere Midwest, and her heart is still floating in the currents of the Niobrara. Now she works a desk job in an old southern house and enjoys the five minutes it takes her to grab coffee and commute.  Her free hours are spent writing stories, working part-time as a web designer, and running Tennessee hills. She prefers to listen intently; sometimes, the quiet voices are the clearest. Katie likes book spines, Malbec wine, her husband, and walking 600 miles along the Camino de Santiago.

Katie envisions Wide Hearts as a space of memory, a way to reflect on this strange world with creatively, homespun remedies, and the sharing of perspectives. Wide Hearts is a place to practice her craft.

Photo on 12-22-13 at 10.12 AM


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